How To View Results

Traditional 8 Week Categories
Interim results are updated every Friday starting at the end of Week 2 (displaying results from Week 1). In most cases, results can be located under the Scoreboard tab of the website. The final official rankings are publicized in mid-April following the end of the competition.

  • National Competition & Benchmark Results
    Official results are shown for all schools depending on whether they registered for the formal Competition or Benchmark division.Use drop down filters to view results for different categories, and to organize tables according to Alphabetical order, Rank, State / Province, Athletic Conference, and School Size.
  • Individual School Profile Pages
    Personalized results are shown for all schools by click the state / province and school name to open their individual Profile Page. Use blue buttons at top of page to see results displays:
    • Profile information    Shows information provided by school when registering, including Athletic conference, how the schools is measuring weight data and FTE population used to calculate per capita-based results.
    • Cumulative weight / diversion percentage (School Profile tab, scroll to bottom of page) Displays the cumulative per capita weight for all recovered materials plus diversion rate for each reported weeks, as well as year-over-year.
    • Greenhouse Gas Reduction  (School Profile tab, scroll to bottom of page)    Calculates the metric tons of CO2 equivalent for the school’s cumulative recycling and composting to date based on the EPA’s WARM calculator.
    • Custom results     Display results with the specific school highlighted against others. In addition to filters to display results by Alphabetical order, Rank, State / Province, Athletic Conference, School Size, Peer Group (see below)
    • Peer Group    School coordinators can designate specific competing schools (by completing “Set Peer Group” form within ReTRAC account) to compare themselves against. Once set up, this customized ranking only show the designated schools. 
    • Current Ranking    Allows schools in formal competition to view their specific ranking position for a given category (ex: “Per Capita Classic: 17 place”)
  • Widget Placed on School Website
    Schools have the option of displaying updated, live results on their own website using special “widget” code provided by ReTRAC Connect.The widget displays the same personalized results found on a school’s Profile Pages on a school’s sustainability or other designated webpage. The main point of contact for registered schools will receive an email from ReTRAC Connect at the start of the competition with the widget code and instructions for setting up the display. Contact the RecycleMania Helpline if this email is not received.
  • Carnegie Classification
    In addition to the live, updated weekly results, a special display will be published at the end of the competition showing school performance in the Diversion and Per Capita Classic categories according to Carnegie Classification that groups college and universities according to common characteristics including type of institution, population size, etc.)

Special Categories
      -Results for the GameDay Basketball, Electronics and Race to Zero Waste categories are publicized on one occasion at the end of the
       competition in mid-April on the main current results page.

      -Results of the Case Study competition will be publicized over the summer, after the end of the competition. 

Results from Past Years
The official rankings for all categories including the listing of national winners are archived by year on the Past Results page.