Reporting Weight Data

Reporting Weight Data

Reporting For Traditional 8 Week Competition Categories
Schools are expected to report each week the weights for recycling, organics and trash materials collected over the previous week. Beginning January 30, 2017 (for pre-season, Feb 13 for official competition) and continuing through early April, schools will have from Monday to mid-day Wednesday each week to submit the weights of materials collected the previous week.  Results will typically be updated that Friday after lunch. Weights submitted after Wednesday may be left out of that week's updated rankings if RecycleMania staff do not have time to screen them before the Friday publication. In these cases, a school's published ranking position in a particular category may appear to drop until the following Friday the weights are factored into the cumultive results.

Schools participating in the official competition are expected to submit weights for every week, regardless of how frequently they receive weight data. If weights are only available sporadically, once a month, etc. school should nonetheless submit place holding estimates to ensure they maintain their approximate place in the rankings. At the end of the competition, schools will be able to go back in to Re-TRAC and revise their numbers to reflect the actual weight data received. Details abouut how and when to revise weights will be sent by email midway through the competition.

To submit weights, school coordinators will need to login into their ReTRAC account, and complete and submit the appropriate Weekly Reporting Form.

Reporting For Special Categories
For certain special categories (Electronics Recycling, GameDay Basketball), schools will use separate reporting forms within their ReTRAC account to submit weight information on a single occasion. Exact timing for submitting weights depends on the category rules and local considerations. Read the description for each category for specific details.

Problems Getting Necessary Data
Schools that experience difficulty gathering and reporting their data consistently should contact the RecycleMania Helpline ( to discuss possible solutions.