Pre-Season vs. Official Competition

Pre-Season vs. Official Competition

Prior to the start of the official 8 week Tournament in early February, participating schools begin tracking and reporting their weight data to the RecycleMania website as part of two weeks of pre-season “trials”. Results from each of the two pre-season weeks will be published online as a unofficial reference points for program coordinators to preview where their schools will roughly place in the coming competition results. The purpose of the trial weeks is both to help set competition expectations that can help coordinators plan their messaging to their campus, and to give schools a chance to test their data tracking arrangements before the numbers “count”.  Results of the two pre-season trial weeks are not included in the cumulative results of the formal competition that begins February 7, 2016. The first official competition week beginning that day will be the third week of actual weight tracking.

Pre-Season 2016

Week 1: January 24 - 30 - schools begin tracking quantity of materials.

  • Login to ReTRAC account starting Mon. 2/1 to report weights generated 1/24 to 30.

Week 2: January 31 - February 6

  • Submit weights beginning Mon 2/8 for material generated Jan 31 to Feb 6.

Official Tournament 2015

February 7 - April 2 (detailed calendar here)