RecycleMania is open for all secondary institutions of higher learning to participate. Though oriented toward colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, secondary institutions anywhere in the world are welcome. Certain types of participation are restricted based on a school's ability to track and report required recycling and trash weight data, as defined below. There is no cost to participate in RecycleMania. 

K-12 schools are not included in RecycleMania, but are encouraged to participate in a similar program, Recycle-Bowl.


Program Overview

RecycleMania offers different levels of participation. Depending on a school's goals and it's ability to track and report weight data, they can participate in any or all levels:

Ranked Eight Week Categories
The "classic" tournament that most schools participate in. Schools report weight of recyclables and other materials each week and are featured in regularly updated rankings throughout February and March. Schools are ranked and national winners designated for the Diversion and Per Capita Classic categories.

One Time Reporting Categories
National winners are designated for the following categories, which are based on reporting results on a single occasion at the end of the tournament.