Register Campus

Register Campus

Registration is now open for the 2017 Tournament. To sign up, schools will need to:

  1. Create or login into an account within the ReTRAC Connect system. 
  2. Fill out a "2017 RecycleMania Profile Information Survey" from their ReTRAC dashboard.

You can save a partially completed form and return to  finalize it at a later point. Once "submitted", RecycleMania staff will review and approve the registration within a few days. After you receive the confirmation email from RecycleMania, you will be able to find your campus listed as a participant on the Participating Schools page of the website. If you have not received a confirmation email or are unshare whether you've completed the registration process, contact us at

The Deadline to register for 2017 is February 3.

Ready to go? Click to start the Registration process.

Find more information on the Registration FAQ.