FAQ - Tracking and Reporting

FAQ - Tracking and Reporting

  • How do I report my school’s recycling weights?
    You will need to login to your account using the email address and password you designated when first registering the school. From your login account you will open and complete the form for the appropriate week (traditional 8 week categories) or one-time reporting form.
  • When do I report data? When do we see the results?

    Traditional 8 Week Categories (Per Capita Classic, Diversion, Targeted Materials)
    Schools are expected to submit recycling and other weight data every week throughout the competition. Coordinators should report the previous week's weight data between Monday and end of the day Wednesday. These weights are incorporated into the updated cumulative results displayed each Friday in the Scoreboard section of the website. This pattern will repeat itself through the end of the competition. Schools that miss the Wednesday reporting deadline risk being left out of the rankings until the following week’s results are published.

             Week 1:  Track amount of materials collected. No reporting during week 1

             Week 2:  -Report week 1 weights by Wednesday afternoon
                            -Rankings posted online for week 1 data on Friday
                            -Track amount weights for material collected for week 2

                Week 3:  -Report week 2 weights by Wednesday afternoon
                               -Rankings posted online for week 1 + 2 data posted on Friday
                               -Track amount weights for material collected for week 3

      One-Time Reporting Categories
              -GameDay Basketball: Schools fill out special form after the designated game.
                      Results are displayed in April along with the overall competition.
              -Electronics: Schools fill out form at the end of the 30 day collection period.
                      Results are displayed in April along with the overall competition.

  • We don’t get accurate weights for our recycling. Can we still participate?
    Yes, but your school may be limited to informally comparing itself against other schools outside of the official rankings. Schools may still participate in the formal rankings using volume-to-weight estimates assuming they are still able to accurately measure volume quantities of material and use approved conversion factors. For more information, read the section on Tracking Standards in the Rules.
  • What if I don’t have any weight data to report for a given week?
    Competition Division schools are expected to submit weight data consistently for every week in which material is collected from campus. If no collections take place, then simply enter zeros for materials on the Weekly Reporting form for the given week.
  • Can "food organics" include the grease trap material we recycle at the Dining Halls on campus?
    Yes, as long as the grease is being “recycled” in some form.
  • What multiplier number should we use to calculate a volume-to-weight conversion for reporting recyclables?
    Where estimating material weights based on volume measurements, schools should ideally use conversion formulas based on multiple weight samples taken of their own locally generated material. Where this is not possible, schools can use generic volume-to-weight conversion formulas. IMPORTANT: Schools have a good faith responsibility to report numbers they believe to be reasonably accurate. The official RecycleMania formulas may not closely match the actual weight of material on a particular campus. Coordinators have an obligation to be observant and make adjustments to weight estimates that seem "optimistic". When in doubt, consult the Helpline for advice about your situation.
  • Recycling and/ or trash was collected but I have not received the weight data yet. What do I do?
    Even if you are waiting and do not have the actual weight data for a given week, schools are expected to submit a placeholding estimate based on a typical week's worth or material. This will allow your school to remain in the weekly results in your approximate ranking position. At the end of the competition schools will have a week long period when they can access reporting forms for all previous weeks to revise these placeholding numbers with the actual weights. Schools wishing to submit revised numbers during the competition period itself can email the Helpline to make these changes.
  • Our school recycles with a co-mingled or single stream system and I am not able to get separate weights for paper, cans and bottles, etc. Can I still participate?
    Yes, the school can participate in the aggregate categories that track combined recyclable materials, Diversion Champion and Per Capita Classic. You will not be able to participate in the Targeted Material categories (Paper, Cardboard, Cans & Bottles) unless you have separated weights for each material.  There is a space on the weekly reporting form to enter co-mingled material weights.