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Sara is the current princess of the Sabasa kingdom in Monster Girl Quest. Being a descendant of the legendary Sphinx, she bears the bloodline of a powerful.

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During the festivities, the King lures Luka to the princess's bedroom and breaks the doorknob, leaving him at mercy to Sara's blowjob. Returning to adventure, Alice.

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No special abilities are required to complete this quest. Completion grants the achievement ”Tomboy princess honour restored“, adds Sara to your army of.

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Sonya is one of the main characters of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox. When they reach Sara to make her drink her ancestor's blood, Sonya is shocked by Sara's.

If Luka loses, she'll bind them both and milk Luka dry as she forces Sara to watch. Sara's fate is unknown, although Mummy Girl mentions that she will drain Sara. Upon arriving in Sabasa, Luka and party start hearing bad rumours about Queen Sara. A man in the local tavern tells of an assassin with information on the.