Featured Schools

Eastern Kentucky University: Making Trash Trendy


When you reach the cardboard center of a paper-towel roll, most head for the recycle bin, but Miranda Johnson of Eastern Kentucky University treasured her cardboard tubes as a fashion find!  Johnson was part of EKU’s “Trash Fash”, an environmentally friendly fashion show that had models strutting the catwalk in recycled-material garments.

Pacific Lutheran University: Waste Sort


A day of sorting through food scraps, tennis balls, candy wrappers, and other material paid off as passerby stopped to comment on the mountain of material that could have been diverted from the wastestream. 

Virginia Tech: I Recycle Pledge Drive Winner










University of South Carolina: Eco-Olympics

Three-time RecycleMania participant USC does a variety of activities, including an Olympics-inspired event, to get students excited about RecycleMania. Here are some highlights of what they've done to make RecycleMania fun. 

Box Fort Competition Sweeping Campuses

University of Ottawa: Waste Bucket Challenge

The University of Ottawa is challenging U Ottawa students as well as other Canadian campuses to take the "Waste Bucket Challenge!" To accept the Challenge, individuals collect all of their waste (material that is not recycled or composted) for at least a week, then create and share a video showing how much was produced and challenging others to join the challenge. 


Cornell: Zero Landfill Game

Cornell Campus Sustainability's Dan Roth tosses t-shirts to the crowd. Photo: Cornell University Photography